Custom Wind Chimes

When it comes to presenting a gift to a near and dear one, we always wish to make it more personal and meaningful. Gifts are substitutes to all those feelings that we can’t put into words, and this makes it even more important to give gifts a personal touch. Keeping this in mind, At Chime of Your Life, we offer you the opportunity to get all your gifts, which here are wind chimes, custom designed. No matter what the occasion, whether it a birthday, a wedding, an anniversary, or you are looking for a sympathy gift for a close friend who has lost a dear one, we have wind chimes for all occasions of your life.

Custom Wind Chimes
Custom Wind Chimes Made To Your Specifications!

We have a team of professional graphic artists that work with you personally to understand your needs in order to create the perfect design for you. You can get in touch with them through our customer care services, write them an email or talk to them personally too. Our personalization services include: Unique inscriptions Apart from the names of people whom you’re gifting the wind chimes, if you’d like to get unique inscriptions like engraving a logo, trademark or even a specific type of artwork, do feel free to share with us all the details. If it’s a memorial sympathy wind chime you want to customize, give us details of the person or pet lost along with a personal message and we’ll inscribe it over the wind sail on a silver or bronze sheet. Elements of the wind chime. While we already offer you the option to select the number of chimes and the color you’d want, you can also choose unique designs for the wind sails, and email them to us. Our designers will create a proof and email back the design for your approval.