Mother's Day & Father's Day Inscription

Mother's Day & Father's Day Inscriptions

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Mother's Day

A mother is someone who
fills our lives with beauty,
joy, and grace, and makes
the world we live in
a better place.

You've given so much to our
family… You've inspired us
with your strength,
character and taught
the meaning of love.

Your Loving Daughter


God gave the world stars,
and there was Beauty.
God gave the world sun,
and there was Warmth.
God gave the world rain,
and there was Life.
God gave the world mothers,
and there was Love.


May Father's Day
bring you the
happiness that you
have always given
to me.

Happy Father's Day

caring, love, joy.
That's what I love
about you!

Happy Mother's Day

Lucky me,
having you for a dad.

Happy Father's Day

A Mother's Day wish to say
you're loved far more than
words can tell, not just on
special days like this,
but every day as well

Your Loving Son


What a difference
you have
made in my life!

Happy Fathers Day


Thank you for the love
you have given me and the
precious memories I will hold
in my heart forever

Happy Mothers Day


I'm very
grateful and
proud to be
your Son

Happy Father's Day


A mother is someone we
turn to when our spirits
need a lift, a mother is
someone we treasure
for our friendship is a gift

Happy Mother's Day


I always admired you.
I always loved you
and always will.
There's no one
quite like you…

Happy Father's Day


You're loved for the
things that you do,
your caring and sharing
and thoughtfulness, too.
You're loved and you
always will be, For all
the special things,
You've given to me.


The times we've spent
together, the talks
we've had, the moments
we've shared…
and I thank God
how nice it is to
have you
in my life.